Thursday, April 26, 2007


The alarm clock buzz. It was 5:30 in the morning; time for my husband to wake up and get ready for work. Every time the clock buzz I can't help not to be disturb in my sleep. When I opened my eyes and gazed on my surrounding I realized it was raining. I can hear the raindrops as it puddles on the ground. So I slowly close my eyes again while listening and beam to the music of the rain. Many people don't like rain; coz rain makes them sluggish, it makes the road wet and slippery and they get stranded.But not me. I love rain; I love the song that it brings. If we just listen closely to every raindrops we will realized that it has different kinds of sounds. I knew that when I learned to "listen". Every time I listen to RAIN it brings me home...I remember events in my young years and always delighted to reminisce those times. I love to play and stump on the rain carelessly as if its a big event in my life. I remember my playmates as we ran along the streets to look for gutters where there's a big drip of rain falling from it and we just giggle as it touches our skin; I remember a young childs innocence. Now, I wondered where they are right now and what kind of life they are leading. As for me, I am a mom and a wife. I love my family; most of all my lovely daughter. She's the one that keeps me sane these days. Being confine in the house 24/7 was never in my wildest dreams and I hate it so much. I wanted to do something more and better and express my individuality. I miss home so much...I miss the sanctuary that allows me to be who I am and what I am. Thank you for the Rain that brings me to it today coz at least I feel better in my own comfort zone where there's just me.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Chronicles of a Wayfarer

We are all wayfarer in this world. Who we are right now are based on the decisions we make in the past whether it is wise or a folly one.Chronicling my life events in this webdairy/journal whatever you call it; will help me check and balance the events of my life.Some ideas might be harsh.It's just a way of expressing oneself thru a composition of ones own volition. Judge prudently.

On Blogging

To my Readers:
This is my first time to join the Blogging World. I really don't know what to write, don't know where to start coz I have a handful of thoughts crumbling in my head that needs to be organized. It is like writing my first composition again. Before I was pessimistic about writing a blog; I am thinking why would I tell the world about me (and who would interests reading my life events), besides it will just take my precious precious time. Well, I realized this would be a good venue where I can burst all my frustrations and victories in life or just a simple thought of life; on what I am passionate about. A venue also for my relatives and friends back home (my beloved Philippines) to keep track on my daily events; that way they would feel we are still connected. We may be miles apart but I know deep in our hearts we hold each other in our hearts. Coming up with blog name was challenging to me; might change it later to something much easier to remember and catchy. As a neophyte in blogging this is what I come up with. I will try my best to improve my blog site to entertain every single reader that will come along this blog. I am still learning and will continue to learn about how to improve this blog. I ask every blogger who knows every bit in improving a blogsite to share their knowledge and expertise, I would gladly appreciate it. I will write more later and will
try to make it often. See ya laters. I still have chores to do hehehehe....