Saturday, April 26, 2008

Busch Gardens-Williamsburg, Virginia USA

The Griffon
Getting in to the park
Lochness Monster

Before we left for the Netherlands we went to visit my brother in law's family in Virginia. While we were there we visited the most coveted amusement park in Viriginia, Busch Gardens (Europe) again. It was my second time there, the first one was when we had our honeymoon (April 2005, I was 2weeks pregnant with my first baby at that time). My mother in law and my brother in law's family was there with us too; we really had fun all together. We only visit the park for a day though but it was all worth it and really wears you out.

Amber at Busch Gardens
Amber on a Merry Go Round ride
Amber and Vince
Amber and cousin Tony on a Ladybug ride
Amber and Daddy Vince again

I am sailing!
Amber frolickin at the Land of the Dragons
Daddy Vince watchin' Amber
My daughter looks sleepy
Amber and cousin Tony enjoying their Ladybug ride

Busch Gardens Europe, is a 17th-century charm combines with 21st-century technology to create the ultimate family experience. Voted the "World's Most Beautiful Theme Park”, Busch Gardens boasts more than 50 thrilling rides (includes the Lochness Monster which was the first ride we took) and attractions, ten main stage shows to name one which I did watched was the 20 minute production of "Secret of Castle O' Sullivan as told by its young heir, a wide variety of award-winning cuisine and world-class shops.And, there are more reasons than ever to visit Busch Gardens. Now Open, Busch Gardens newest roller coaster "Griffon" sends riders through an extraordinary journey 205 feet up and 90 degrees straight down at more than 70 mph but we didn't try to get on it because of the long line at that time and there are other rides we want to get on too- and that's just the beginning of the family adventure we had that time in Virginia, the rest is history to be kept. If you want visit Virginia, visit Busch Gardens Europe. They also have Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida which theme is Africa. I would like to visit that amusement park someday too. For more information regarding Busch Gardens, Va this is their official website check out their newest rides and attraction.


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