Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fun in the Kitchen with Amber

My daughter is 25 months old now and everyday she's being a 'toddler" you know, some stuff that normal toddler do; being bratty. But in these pictures below I just loved her so much because she is having fun in the kitchen. So I grab my camera and took some snap of her. This was taken last October 2007. She is fond of role-playing now. She does what she saw me doing in the kitchen.

She is trying to check the oven here...as if baking something.
She took my step stool which she is fond of doing. She don't have her own step stool, I am thinking of buying her one online through this website http://www.stepstoolsforkids.com/ . They got tons of step stool for kids that I know she will really love.
She's having fun! It shows on her face...just love her.
She took my skilcraft dustpan and brush and trying to sweep the floor. She's a big helper now though.


Sweetgal said...

You are such as good girl Amber, no wonder your mom is so fond of you

San said...

Like mother like daughter huh,very hard working. Keep it up Amber.

Abigail Bukai said...
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