Monday, January 28, 2008

White Water Rafting- Cagayan de oro City, Philippines

My friend Nimfa (my daughter's godmother) and my husband.
we had to stop and float hehehe
I was awed by one of the vegetation we passed so i took picture of it, there was more in it than what this picture say.
This is our orientation ( right in the river itself hehehe...)
That's us in the raft together with my 3 brothers, 2 guides, Nimfa and her daughter and my husband.

I was in the Philippines last November 2007 with my daughter, my husband just followed us through in December since he had some job that needs his attention. While I was there I was thinking of the best adventure we can share together while we are there for the season. I listed the activities I wanted to do with my husband and River Rafting was one of them. There was nothing more exciting than doing the rafting adventure since it is just very close to where I grew up and never tried it. And so, I book a rafting event from my brother's friend. I wanted to do the rafting on the next day. He said it's supposed to be 1 week booking prior to the event but since there were no bookings on the following day; he made us through. This rafting adventure has at least 16 rapids and runs about 3hours or more if you want to stay longer in the river for swimming and floating (which we did and it's so much fun).

I was very excited the night before the event. I will be experiencing an adventure that I eventually want to do it over and over again. Morning comes and I woke up so early to prepare while my husband our daughter was still asleep, my mother will take care of her (Amber) while we are gone. I woke up my husband and told him I am ready and it is time to go, dragged with me my 3 other brothers so they will also experience river rafting which they have been looking forward to experience one day.

When we were at the was so pristine; you can hear the casacading water splashing on the big boulders. I felt the thrill and rush to get into the raft so soon. But, before anything else each one of us were handed a life vest, helmet and paddles; we were all feeling like a pro though it's our first river rafting. We had 2 guides in our raft and they were great guides too. We had orientation first as SOP which is also very helpful because you get to know some of the basics and some commands you need to remember in case there is an emergency like falling off from the raft. After the brief orientation we immediately boarded to our assigned raft and there comes the adventure begins! First experience with the rapids was so great, I was a little bit scary and exciting. But when the water hit me...Wow! it feels so cool and refreshing and I wanted to hit more rapids then. Along our way we come to witness the striking beauty of the rocky walls with some fossils in it hundreds of years ago. We passed the locals bathing by the river, saw a cave along the river side and some havens of snake and monkeys. It was indeed an adventure gazing with nature and experiencing it. It was a memorable experience and we will do it again soon! see yah Cagayan de Oro Rafting.

If you want to experience some rapids like we can visit this website or for more information and pictures to see.


Raquel said...

Hi Eva, wow, naka rafting diay mo. Sus, bibo kaayo ba. Sayang wala ko naka uban pag rafting kay buros ko atong panahuna.

Bag-o ra man diay jud ka naka uli sa ato oi. Salamat diay sa update.

San said...

Mader sa sunod uban ko water rafting ha maski magpaguyod lang ko..

The Chronicles of A Wayfarer by Eva said...

hehehe...magdala nami sunod ug raft mader. dili naka magpaguyod pa. naa nami gi andam raft diri pero good for 3 persons lang.puli2x lang ang mga maders sakay.

rafting cagayan de oro said...

Wow! Great pictures, you sure had a lot of fun. Rafting is always an exhilarating adventure great for spending some bonding time for friends and families, not to mention all the beautiful scenery as you paddle along the river.

yue said...

Cool photos you have there. I hope you enjoyed staying at Cagayan. Thanks for sharing your experience.

It would be more appreciated if the size of the pictures are bigger.

Cagayan de Oro Rafting

Anonymous said...

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